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At Non Typical Taxidermy, we do it all! From African to North American game and everything in between. We can create habitats from small pedestals to trophy room landscapes. We can even help with importing or exporting your trophy in or out of the country. Just call Non Typical Taxidermy for more information before you take that trip of a lifetime. We have an in house Shipping company that specializes in shipping your taxidermy trophies all over the lower 48 states. So please, after you go on that once in a lifetime trip or obtain that once in a lifetime trophy, let us take all of the hassle out of it for you.

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Non Typical Taxidermy can unofficially score most all North American trophies, or help arrange an official scorer for you. Shipping your mounts across the country or across the world? We can help! Through us, our clients have the information and tools to help them be more successful on their hunts. We offer knowledge on trophy field care and photography to ensure all steps in caring for your prize are taken. Here at Non Typical, we can also clean, repair, refurbish and restore most mounts!